Cuba Receives Medical Supplies From the United Arab Emirates

Manuel Romero (L) receives the United Arab Emirates donative, Havana, Cuba, June 4, 2020.
Manuel Romero (L) receives the United Arab Emirates donative, Havana, Cuba, June 4, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @IPKCuba

The 8-ton donation is aimed at assisting in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 5 (teleSUR) The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Thursday donated medical supplies to the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri (IPK) to fight COVID-19 in Cuba.

“This donation is an important contribution to give the final beat to the SARS-CoV2,” the IPK Director Manuel Romero expressed.

Masks, gloves, disposable sterile shoes, and disinfectants make up the 8-ton donative, valued in over US$670,000. 

“The donation is another sign of the very good ties of brotherhood between both nations. We greatly appreciate the relations between both countries, which are getting stronger every day,” Cuba’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Roberto Blanco expressed.EmbaCubaKuwait@EmbaCubaKuwait

The world needs peace, the world needs solidarity. The world needs all of its inhabitants to be treated as human beings. For that bright day we must all fight. Now we must overthrow the covid-19. #Cuba #EmbaCubaKuwait

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Romero affirmed these biosecurity resources are intended for Cuban health professionals who have direct exposure to infected patients. He added that the rapid tests will allow asymptomatic and vulnerable people to screen for the virus. 

“The UAE leaders are sending a message of support and solidarity to Cuba and its frontline workers, many of whom have volunteered to fight the virus in other countries with immense courage and resolve,” The UAE Ambassador to Cuba Bader Almatroshi expressed.

As for Friday morning, Cuba Health authorities reported 2,119 COVID-19 cases, 83 deaths, and 1,839 recoveries from the virus.

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