Cuba Reaches Four Million Tourists, Moves Forward

Havana, Nov 10 (Prensa Latina) The Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) reported on Saturday that Cuba has reached four million foreign visitors so far in 2018, news that tour operators and travel agents welcomed.

The MINTUR notes that the figure of four million international visitors was reached only four days after the date it was reached last year.

These results are obtained in spite of the media campaigns to discredit Cuban tourism and amid the measures of intensification of the blockade against Cuba by the Government of the United States,

Cuba, the text recalls, is the only country in the world to which U.S. citizens cannot travel freely as tourists (because of a U.S. law).

The note also highlighted that this Tourist Destination stands out for its safety, for the hospitality of the people and for the natural and cultural attributes, as well as for the preservation and beauty of the beaches.

The MINTUR statement concluded that growth is planned for the remainder of the quarter, which will allow exceeding the figure reached the previous year.

There is a tourism development plan for 2030, there would be 100,000 rooms by that date (in all of Cuba) when the biggest weight is executed with limited own resources, but also prioritizes foreign investment in the country.

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