Cuba protests against US attacks on medical cooperation

Cuba protests against US attacks on medical cooperation

Havana, Mar 26 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented on Thursday a protest press release due to the ‘offensive’ statements of the US State Department against Cuba’s international medical cooperation.

The deputy director general of Press, Communication and Image of the Foreign Ministry, Juan Antonio Fernandez, said that those statements are part of a continued and booming campaign of slander and lies.

Such crusade led by the US government against Cuba’s medical cooperation is immoral in any context, noted Fernandez, and pointed out that it is particularly offensive at the times of the Covid-19 pandemic, which threatens all human beings.

‘We should all be striving ourselves to promote solidarity and help to those needed,’ he stood out.

The diplomat emphasized that from the United Nations, the international community claims unity and cooperation, as well as ending wars and ceasing unfair blockades and unilateral coercive measures.

Stop evil and hostility, he demanded, ‘health is a human right, that is what Cuba understands and does.’

He recalled the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro who said that Cuba would never carry out preventive or surprising attacks anywhere in the world; in turn, the country would be able to send physicians wherever they are needed.

Previously, Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez had tweeted that it is a shame that while Covid-19 threatens, the US attacks instead of putting an end to the illegal system of unilateral coercive measures as the blockade.

Rodriguez’s reaction was against the US embassy’s statement in this capital, the latter urged countries receiving Cuban medical cooperation to reject such contribution despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Messages from the US State Department against Cuban international cooperation constitute an inhumane and disrespectful act, assured the FM on Twitter.


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