Cuba Promotes Inclusive Space in Society without Discrimination

Paris, Sep 7 (Prensa Latina) The National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX) promotes in Cuba an inclusive society where there is no room for discrimination, and less based on prejudice, said in France the director of the institution, Mariela Castro.

Such is the case of efforts to promote social integration of transsexuals, complex issue that merits further study and which the specialist devoted his doctoral research.

The purpose is to ‘contribute to changing homophobic and transphobic culture’, she stressed in statements to Prensa Latina.

The Cuban specialist said that although the phenomenon is present throughout the world, she focuses its attention on Cuba, where she lives and works, ‘I want Cuba to change because I believe it is a fundamental component of the Revolution that there is no discrimination, and less based on prejudice ‘.

Mariela Castro explained that during the research process identified several factors that help social integration of these people in the Caribbean nation as equal opportunities for all citizens that guarantees, for example, access to education.

However, she added, they do not have equal results because often these people are humiliated and rejected, and that leads them to terminate early their school period, which in turn affects not then have sufficient professional qualifications to find jobs higher remuneration.

Faced with this situation, ‘the primary responsibility is in society, there are political and educational messages for the family, school and work spaces take responsibility touching them, as well as the various opportunities for participation so that they can truly he integrated ‘, she said.

The director of Cenesex cited the example of an upcoming project give a workshop on the topic of cooperativism transgender people, while a group of 25 are already interested in forming a cooperative cutting and sewing, which is essential to have opportunities workforce development.

The expert mentioned that help this work of social integration is the main objective of the Translucent exhibition, photographer Paolo Titolo’s, which opened yesterday in the Paris European House of Photography and will be open to the public from today until October 30.

‘Behind every portrait is a very complex story, ‘said Mariela Castro, adding that the images’ pain, the need to be dignified, his desire to reaffirm gender identity they have’ seen.

Consequently, she observed that the photographic work of Titolo has been a key to communicate the essence of the work of social integration of these people support.

The director of Cenesex expressed gratitude to the European House of Photography for hosting the exhibition, a space as very professional and respectful towards the works presented.

The director of the institution, Jean-Luc Monterosso, highlighted the aesthetic and social value of the exhibition and said it was’ a vivid and emotional testimony that can help make people aware of the tremendous difficulties of these people seeking their identity’.


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