Cuba prioritizes training of staff working with renewable energies

Havana, Jan 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is prioritizing the training of human resources linked to the development and exploitation of renewable energies, a specialized source said.

According to Manuel Rubio, coordinator of the national group of universities for renewable energies and energy efficiency, the contribution from researchers linked to these sectors can be vital to change the country’s energy matrix.

In the framework of the program being promoted by the Cuban Ministry of Energy and Mines, which is funded by the European Union to implement this kind of policy in the country, there is a project to strengthen the capacity of universities to achieve those goals from the scientific, technical and innovative viewpoints, Rubio noted.

Rubio told local media that the initiative involves seven Cuban universities that are working together to implement that policy.

According to Rubio, the workshop on Innovation in function of Cuba’s sustainable development, being held in Cuba from January 21-25 at the Vedado Hotel in Havana, is the first action in the framework of the project to train leaders and scientists.


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