Cuba Presides Over UNESCO’s Meeting of National Commissions

Paris, Oct 11. -Cuba presided over the meeting of National Commissions of UNESCO held within the framework of the 205 Executive Council of that organization of the United Nations, diplomatic sources reported today.

According to a statement, Ambassador Oscar León, president of the Cuban National Commission, headed the work of the meeting with the participation of a hundred representatives of commissions from all regions of the world.

The opening of the meeting was in charge of the deputy general director for Foreign Affairs and Public Information of UNESCO, Nicolás Kassianides, who stressed the importance of these entities and their key role in coordinating with the member states.

He also underlined his role in the field of promoting the organization’s programs, and reported on the measures proposed by general director, Audrey Azoulay, to strengthen the work of this network.

During the meeting, the main lines of work of the education, culture and communication sectors were presented, as well as the vision of the new deputy general directors for each one of these areas.

The general director’s proposal for the strategic transformation of UNESCO was also discussed.

In this regard, the ones present reiterated the importance of the states member’s participation in the reform process, as well as the need to strengthen the mechanisms of consultation and the role of the commissions on it.

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