Cuba-Peter Pan: Its Deformed Real History

More than 50 years ago Cuba’s reality has being falsified from the United States. In a nutshell the case of the so-called Peter Pan.

In a nutshell the case of the so-called Peter Pan, which horrified many in the 60’s of the XX century both in Cuba and abroad.

That reality has been corroborated by testimonies of some of the more than 14 000 boys and girls victims of the plot.

They were taken alone by plane to the United States under the supposition of avoiding them a “communist indoctrination” that never existed.

I approached this event in my book “Mrs. Lie” (Political Editorial House, Havana, 2011), where I abounded on what happened.

On December 26, 1960 in the flight 422 of Pan American arrived in Miami the first five Cuban children who traveled through the so-called Operation Peter Pan.

How did they do it? The powerful propagandistic machinery of Washington guided by their special services manufactured and spread the rumor that the Revolutionary Government planned to remove the education and care from their children to the parents.

Simultaneously, the illegal Swan Radio, openly under the direction of the CIA, began to release a false “patria potestas” that they blamed on Havana.

Likewise, the White House designed another operation which aim was to transfer thousands of Cuban children to U.S. territory without the company of their parents.

It was a great machination executed by the North American government, a sector of the Catholic hierarchy and extreme-right groups of Cuban origin based in Florida.

A Catholic North American priest coming from Ireland (later monsignor), Bryan Walsh, was the public face of the Operation closely related with his colleagues from Florida and Havana.

One of the missions assigned to him, after established the coordination with the White House was to guarantee the visas of the children.

After that they managed to transfer them to Miami in Pan American flights under the code name Never-Never Land and for that reason it was called Peter Pan.

At the beginning only the enemy parents of the Cuban Revolution signed in, but then they included those “concerned” because –as the propaganda said – they were embarked toward juvenile camps in the Soviet Union.

The transfer extended from December 26, 1960 up to nearly October 23, 1962 close to the beginning of the famous Crisis that started up hours later.

During this last event Washington banned the activity of airlines between the two countries, a hard blow that only in its beginnings left 800 children waiting for their parents in Miami

With time, thousands were sent to adoption houses, orphanages, penitentiary facilities for juvenile delinquents of 35 states of the Union.

Alex López, one of the victims, offered a bitter testimony to the magazine of Cuban emigration, Corrreo de Cuba (Year 15, 4th. Trimester, 2009).

“Nowadays we know of the abuses perpetrated by some of our custodians in the terrible camp of Matecumbe and Florida City.

“Today I remember the terror under the perverted clothes of the priest pupils, deviated from God’s grace.

“Some of us have kept the silence, some for fear, others for shame and cowardice.

“Now accusations have surfaced against monsignor Walsh, for violations committed.

“In his defense the spokeswoman from Miami diocese says that everything is just slander.

“Where was this defender when under Walsh’s direction, priest Joaquín Guerrero strolled in the darkness of nights through the bedrooms covering our mouths so that we didn’t scream while he toyed with our genitals?

“Where was this lady when we were violated and our hair was pulled mercifulness and when we were scared so that we didn’t tell what was happening? ”

However this Saturday the New Herald published in Miami a sugared version on what was that experience.

Punctual, reads the article, started to park their cars at Camp Matecumbe, Southwest of Miami.

They were a group of adults with a common history: to have arrived to this country as Peter Pan children.

“Camp Matecumbe is a hidden jewel that remains intact in western end of the County.

“We want our residents to know its historical worth and revive the biggest moments that took place there”, highlighted a staff member of the camp.

According to the New Herald, Camp Matecumbe played a key role in the effort that took thousands of children to the United States.

Here it is a concrete and unquestionable way, the example on how the Cuban reality is twisted there.

Would they dare to disclose the Peter Pan testimony of Alex López about that other historical atrocity?

Written by Nicanor León Cotayo, CubaSí

March 17, 2015


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