Cuba: Perfecting of the Cuban National Education System Goes On

Havana, Jul 5 (Prensa Latina) Starting from the national school course in 2017-2018, several Cuban schools will start using the first textbooks, the first methodological instructions and first programs, coming directly from the 3rd stage of the perfecting process of the national education teaching system, which is taking place in Cuba.

Cuban Education Minister Ena Elsa Velazquez told Prensa Latina, that this process started in 2009 with several stages and activities, and now it is being carried out in more than 60 schools from six Cuban provinces.

These, and other schools later, will begin using the materials designed for this stage of the process, led to the general, polytechnical (technological schools) and workers schools, from the primary up to the pre-university schools.

Velazquez, who is taking part in the work in commissions of the Cuban National Assembly (Parliament), stated that as part of the process, they revised all the study plans and programs, and dedicated more than two years to make a diagnosis on every of them.

“From there, we will transform things,” Velazquez said.

She said that during the last months some experts from all the Cuban provinces worked on the elaboration of new study plans , programs, methodological instructions and regulations.

Other experts from the universities and other institutions, will work on the elaboration of new textbooks, with the participation of entities such as the Cuban Youth Studies Center, the Institute of Linguistics and the Sciences Academy, which have given the neccesary recommendations.

About the new technologies, the process counts on the support of the Education Ministry’s Computer Science and Audiovisual Media Office, which has also given recommendations and material for the different educational levels.

In September, all the secondary basic level schools of the country will be provided with science laboratories, since although till now, there were only in 85 percent of the centers, the acquisition of the remaining ones was already done.

Also in September technological schools professionals will initiate the teachers’ preparation for the education, with a similar curriculum to that of the pedagogical schools, but which will be developed in selected schools in the island.


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