Cuba Pays Tribute to Frank Pais and Raul Pujols

Santiago de Cuba, July 30 (Prensa Latina) Hundreds of people living in Santiago are paying tribute on Tuesday to Frank Pais and Raul Pujols, who were killed by soldiers from the Fulgencio Batista regime on July 30, 1957.

Early in the morning, on Callejon del Muro, where they were shot down, fresh flowers revive the historic memory, and at work centers and other places in the city, people gather to remember the young organizer of the armed uprising on November 30, 1956.

In the afternoon, hundreds of people will stage a popular peregrination from Cespedes Park to the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery to recall the march that accompanied the bodies of the two beloved fighters who openly defied the tyranny 62 years ago.

At the age of 22, Frank Pais was the action and sabotage chief of the July 26 Movement, the main political and military force in the confrontation with the Batista dictatorship.

When Fidel Castro learned about his assassination, he extolled the great and promising character of Frank Pais, whose life was reaped in the fullness of his skills as an organizer and strategist from the anonymity of urban fight.

A month before his assassination, he had lost his 19 year-old younger brother, Josue, and his fighting brothers Floro Bistel and Salvador Pascual, also kiled by soldiers of the Fulgencio Batista tyrnany as they tried to boycott a rally to support the regime.

The July 30 homage extends to the martyrs of the Revolution, as on the same day a year later, Rene Ramos Latour (Daniel), who took over Frank Pais’ responsibility, was assassinated as well.


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