Cuba, Panama Sign Environmental Cooperation Agreement

Panama, Oct 26 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment, Elba Rosa Perez, and her Panamanian counterpart, Emilio Sempris, have signed on Friday a technical and academic cooperation agreement in environmental matters.

The agreement, with a duration of five years and extendable for the same period, will allow the sustainable use of natural resources, the conservation of biodiversity and greater efficiency in its management to achieve scientific development in the environmental sphere.

The areas of collaboration include the sustainable management of watersheds; climate change, meteorology, danger, vulnerability and risk; forestry and protected areas; technical assistance, industry and technology for environmental protection.

According to the text, cooperation between the two sides will be possible through joint projects to strengthen human resource capacities in areas of common interest, as well as the exchange of information, technical assistance, consultancies and joint advisory services among specialists to third countries.

After the signing, the Cuban Minister expressed the Caribbean island’s willingness to implement some of the actions included in the document and highlighted the interest in exchanging information and human resources.

She highlighted the similarities in the biodiversity of both nations, hence the possibility of collaborating and providing some scientific-technological services in the environmental area.

She thanked the signing of the agreement and affirmed that ‘the most important thing is to act on a specific issue’, as there is interest on both sides.

Perez took the opportunity to invite her counterpart to participate in the International Convention on Environment and Development, to be held in Havana from July 1 to 7, 2019, which stands out for its international visibility, given the number of ministers, experts and officials from different countries attending it.

Sempris, for his part, highlighted the significance of this agreement and the role of Cuban scientists and technicians in the fight against climate change, with whom he has had a very close professional relationship for some time.

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