Cuba: New tomato variety introduced in Mayabeque

The Liliana Dimitrova Horticulture Institute of the town of Quivicán introduced the tomato variety U-1053, which is resistant to virus, into the productive practice.

Engineer Julio Cesar Hernandez Zalgado said that they were earnestly working with a high level of adaptation in the industrial production fields of the Mayabeque institute so that the vegetable has a good flavor, color and so that it produces a better purée.

According to the specialist, the project, which started at the province of Mayabeque, would continue in other parts of the country and that the most important thing they had to do regarding this vegetable variety was taking care of its seed quality, production efficiency, and genetics.

Hernandez Zalgado said that last year’s results and this years campaign in Mayabeque and Artemis would be enough so they can give seeds to other provinces and to be able to reproduce this tomato variety for the industry.


Fresh Plaza, December 9, 2015

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