Cuba: New solutions for more adverse times

Havana, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) The Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero, assured that the country seeks new solutions in the most adverse moments with the intensification of the United States siege and the crisis caused by Covid-19.

During a meeting with medical collaborators who fought the pandemic in Haiti, Dominica and Martinique, the premier referred the eve to the impact of this scenario on the economy of the largest of the Antilles, prevented from buying supplies and medicines.

‘Not a week of these intense months of battle has passed where a new drastic measure has not been dictated to intensify the blockade of the United States Government with great cruelty,’ he stressed.

Among other attacks, Marrero recalled the pressure to stop the arrival of fuel in the country or the reprisals against those entities that maintain economic relations with Cuba.

‘Our income from abroad fell drastically and, in the midst of this, the country has not stopped,’ he acknowledged.

In response, he added, the Cuban government developed an economic and social strategy for times of crisis that considers how to move forward amid the context of global crisis.

‘We have been transforming the way of doing business, of advancing economically; first 28 measures to eliminate obstacles and give more autonomy to the socialist state enterprise,’ he said.

‘Then we tested 15 more measures, a refinement that has not yet been made public, but the final touches are already in place on the entire entry system,’ the prime minister said.

In addition, he recalled, the country is immerse in the monetary order, an important point of the measures within the strategy.

Marrero called to work in favor of social development, for the quality of life of the population without neglecting the battle against Covid-19.

‘In the most adverse times of the country we grow looking for solutions,’ he said.


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