Cuba maintains supreme purpose of defending life

Havana, Mar 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Minister of Public Health Jose Angel Portal affirmed on Thursday that Cuba has the supreme purpose of defending life without paying attention to endless working hours and overcoming obstacles.

These 12 months have become a period of successes, learning, human and professional growth and of creating and improving care protocols, Portal said in a reflection one year after the first cases with Covid-19 were detected.

A year in which Cuba developed five vaccine candidates as a testament to the scientific level of our scientists and researchers, Portal highlighted.

‘To our pride, it has also been a year in which young people and students went to the first line of the fight with the epidemic, to the diagnostic laboratories, to the red zone in the hospitals, to investigate the communities (…)’.

‘Responsible behavior and basic protection measures such as the use of the mask, physical distancing and frequent hand washing must be pillars of action for every Cuban.’

‘This race of Cuba for Life is not over yet, and we are all protagonists in it,’ declared the Minister of Public Health.


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