Cuba leads white coat armies against Covid-19, Egyptian media report

Cuba leads white coat armies against Covid-19, Egyptian media report

Cairo, Jun 15 (Prensa Latina) In a long article, Egypt’s Ahram newspaper lauded the friendly work of Cuban health professionals in the battle against Covid-19, saying that they lead the white coat armies in the war against the disease.

The peoples of the world will not forget the warm welcome, applauses and tears of the Cuban doctors dressed as heroes when their plane landed in Milan, on their way to the rescue of Lombardy, one of the Italian provinces that were hardest hit by lethal pneumonia, the article adds.

Although it is a small Caribbean State of 11 million people who are victims of an economic blockade imposed by the United States, it sent dozens of teams of doctors, nurses and assistants to several countries, including Italy, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela.

Ahram (meaning pyramids) underline Cuba’s success in fighting the epidemic domestically, despite the limitations caused by the lengthy economic blockade imposed by successive US administrations.

Despite the blockade, Cuba is confident in its own potential, the high reputation of its health system, the field of biotechnology and preventive health care, so it used an antiviral treatment that was also administered in the Chinese province of Wuhan, where the Covid-19 outbreak was first reported, the newspaper points out.

As a result of its domestic achievements and in order to crown its recent international assistance, Cuban President (Miguel Diaz-Canel) recently said that his country will gradually resume commerce, tourism, transportation, while it successfully controlled the disease, says one of Ahram’s columnists.

Health, education, sports and the arts have been the pillars of Cuba’s socialist Revolution, medicine is one of the priorities of that society, the newspaper notes.


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