Cuba, Kazakhstan bet on greater economic and trade cooperation

Nursultan, Feb 18 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban ambassador to Kazakhstan Emilio Pevida and the president of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Foreign Trade of that country, Ayan Yerenov, agreed on Thursday to sign a memorandum of joint cooperation.

The diplomatic representation of Cuba in Nursultan informed that the document should be signed in the near future, and that the meeting allowed coordinating joint actions to boost trade and investment between the two countries.

At the headquarters of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Foreign Trade, Pevida gave a comprehensive update on Cuba’s economic and commercial potential, as well as on its scientific development and in the area of technological innovation.

He also referred to the Cuban program to fight against Covid-19, the development of national vaccines to face it, as well as domestic treatments for other diseases with highly innovative and highly effective products.

The representatives of Kazakhstan and Cuba called for growing cooperation, especially in the most promising areas such as medical services, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, tourism, education, sports and culture.

Both executives analyzed Cuba’s business and foreign investment portfolios, as well as the conditions offered and guaranteed by the Mariel Special Development Zone.


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