Cuba is on track to a vaccine against Covid-19

Cuba is on track to a vaccine against Covid-19

Havana, Aug 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuban biotechnologists are working today in the search for a specific medicine against the new coronavirus, based on previous experiences with other drugs.

Some institutions such as the Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK), Vaccine Institution and the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology are currently working together on several strategies to obtain candidates based on previous formula such as those used against hepatitis B and Pentavalent vaccine, which includes antigens against five separate diseases.

Several research centers, companies and global scientific community are currently working to obtain a safe and effective immunization to protect people from Covid-19.

The Cuban vaccine against Covid-19 would be developed from previous experiences with other vaccines, although in this specific case it is a proprietary and new strategy to achieve a compound that generates a specific and also protective immune response so as to avoid replication of this virus.

Cuban biotechnology has a great experience in developing these formulas, thus the Cuban immunization scheme includes 13 vaccines, eight of these are produced in the country.

Obtaining an effective vaccine against Covid-19 is top priority for the entire Cuban science and innovation system. Eduardo Martínez, Biocubafarma Business Group director wrote on Twitter about the strength of this project led by Carlos J. Finlay Research Institute given its experience in the study, development and production of these medicines.

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