Cuba Is an Example for Latin America, Uruguayan Journalist Says

Havana, Nov 25 (Prensa Latina) The Uruguayan journalist, broadcaster and writer Víctor Hugo Morales highlighted in this capital the example that Cuba represents for the revolutionaries of Latin America.

After being awarded by the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) with the Felix Elmuza Order (the highest distinction granted by that organization), Morales stated that Cuba means ethical, moral and political strength.

‘For my generation, Cuba was the possibility to continue, which allowed young people of that time to think that we could change the world into a better one and not in the filth that it is today, when there are millions of children dying of hunger,’ he said.

Everyone has their opinion about the Cuban Revolution, and many will say that there is a lot to be done, but those who look at it from outside, we still believe in it as the only possibility, the only exception, he added.

‘Cuba gives us the conviction that we can move towards a truly more human world,’ he pointed out.

In contrast, currently in Latin America there is ‘a revolution in reverse of that of yours,’ Morales told his Cuban colleagues.

‘Latin America is falling in again into a well: a ‘conservative revolution’ that destroys everything ahead. The right is always anti-republican and anti-democratic, and it lies when it says otherwise,’ the journalist noted.

‘It also brags about freedom of speech and I am just the latest case of 3,500 journalists in Argentina who are jobless today due to an express decision by the president of the country on behalf of the corporations,’ he stressed.

In reference to the Cuban decoration, Morales defined the order granted by the UPEC as a moment in his life that cannot be overcome. ‘This is the jump by Sotomayor (world high jump record holder). There is nothing else,’ he said.

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