Cuba Is a Safe Country, Foreign Ministry Ratifies to Canada

Havana, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) confirmed to Canada today that Cuba is a safe country, following the decision by that northern nation to withdraw the families of its diplomatic staff in this capital.

The Government of Canada adopted that decision after alleging symptoms of ill health by some diplomats last year.

In an official declaration, the MINREX reiterated that the rigorous investigation, carried out by a group of highly qualified experts, did not find any evidence to explain the alleged disorders or any indication of an attack or an incident on Cuban territory.

The study did not reveal any relationship between the described symptoms and sonic or other attacks, the text says.

In that regard, the text explains that the Cuban government respects Canada’s decision, but it considers that it is unjustified.

The MINREX ratified that the protection of diplomatic personnel from all countries is guaranteed in Cuba, a stable and healthy nation for its inhabitants and almost five million foreigners who visit the country every year.

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