Cuba: International Workshop focuses on Latin women’s empowerment

Cuba: International Workshop focuses on Latin women's empowerment

Havana, Nov 18 (Prensa Latina) A look at the empowerment and leadership of Latin women is offered on Wednesday by researcher Arcea Zapata on the last day of the International Workshop ‘Nuestras Miradas Americanas’ (Our American Views), which is held in Havana.

Available to Internet users on the YouTube platform of Casa de las Americas, the presentation by the Colombian author highlights how women defend their status as active social actors in the face of the challenges of the Latin population in the United States.

As she explains, her presentation aims to generate effective instances of cultural participation through artistic workshops for women to raise awareness of their identity and territory as youngsters in a hostile and patriarchal society.

As part of the meeting’s programming, Cuban writer Manuel R. Gomez gave a lecture on the characteristics of Cuban migration in the US since 1959 and the role of that population in the historic dispute between the two nations.

Meanwhile, Mexican Professor Carolina Aguilar referred to the social struggle and racism in US detention centers, whose government radicalized migration policies and criminalized the people who arrived recently. The workshop is sponsored by the Latin Program in the United States, which is attached to Casa de las Americas, a promoter of research, publication and advertising of the artistic and literary works by Latins in the US since 2009.


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