Cuba Hosts Congress on Diabetes

heberprot-p[1]Specialists from at least 40 countries will assist to the International Congress “Controlling diabetes and its most severe complications”, to take place December 10th to 12th, in Varadero.

The forum, which will session in the Melia Marina Varadero Hotel, will present the results and the application of the Cuban product Heberprot-P, which is a novel drug whose active pharmaceutical ingredient is the human epidermal recombinant growth factor (hrFCE), said Dr. Manuel Estate, scientific secretary of the event.

Among the personalities who have confirmed their attendance to said congress is the president of the International Diabetes Federation, Michael Hirst, from UK.

The event will present the results of government programs for integral care of diabetic patients in Cuba and Venezuela, as well as in Ecuador, Bolivia and Kuwait, where it begins to be applied.

Also, a delegation of Turkish professionals will bring their experience in implementing Heberprot-P in that country, where more than 300 patients. have received the benefits of this product.

The forum’s four symposia will deal with the control of the disease from the perspective of endocrinology, prevention, metabolic control of patients, procedures to reduce or delay the risk of complications. Also molecular biology of wound healing, molecular mechanisms of growth factors, design and results of clinical trials in wound-healing therapies.

The forum will update on the art of medical procedure to treat diabetic foot ulcers to their healing, and the implementation of comprehensive care programs to diabetic patients in primary, secondary and tertiary levels of health.

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