Cuba Highlights Need to Link University and Society

Havana, Jun 2.- The knowledge generated by universities is a public good, and must be shared with the society, said Roberto Escalante, secretary general of the Union of Latin American and Caribbean Universities (UDUAL).

Ecalante stated, in his statements to the press Tuesday, that the universities have the capacity to look for solutions for the problems in the communities, and at the same time, to get fed from the solutions.

He mentioned energy, public health, education, feeding and environmental care among the most fundamental aspects in which universities should focus their investigative work.

Escalante is coming to the 13th Latin American Congress for University Extension, and offered a master conference Tuesday, in which he stated universities should support the link of the society with the institutions, experience by the students and exchange of knowledge.

He said that a tendency to social linking and greater relevance to the environment is observed in the region.

The UDUAL has created a regional network for the linking of universities and local development, space for Exchange and cooperation between promoters of the same, he said.

He added that other networks of the Udual working in promoting solidarity-based economy and development of small and medium-sized companies.

To go forward regarding university extension, viewed from the perspective of the university-society link, the houses of higher education must jump barriers related to the research agendas and syllabuses, which are traditional targets, he said.

Escalante concluded saying that this linking aims at the integral formation, allows the institution involved in the environment and generate dynamics of change towards a more just and inclusive society.

More than 400 delegates from 20 countries participating in the event at the Havana Convention Center, which will discuss 486 papers.(Prensa Latina)

Radio Cadena Agramonte, June 2, 2015

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