Cuba guarantees wage protection to over 55,000 working mothers

Havana, Sep 17 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s Minister of Labor and Social Security Marta Elena Feito released on Thursday that the country provides today wage guarantees to 55,798 working mothers who remain in the care of children in primary, special schools and kindergartens.

On Twitter, the minister also reflected on social care for the most vulnerable people in Covid-19 times.

Previously, Feito commented that over half a million people work under the modality of remote work and telework due to the health situation, employment variants provided for in the legislation.

Mothers with small children were allowed to stay home to care for infants without affecting their salary, as were people over 60 years old and with diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, who also maintain a wage guarantee.

Due to the pandemic, the government implemented 36 measures supported by current legislation to protect workers’ position and wages, both in the State and private sectors.

All protection actions are applied despite Cuba’s financial restrictions because of the US blockade, which in recent times makes it even more difficult the fight against the pandemic.

During the last summit of the International Labor Organization, Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel described work as a value and sacred right. Hence, the current economic strategy of the country prioritizes employment, salary and social security policies in a context that has restructured the productive dynamics of the World.


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