Cuba guarantees labor rights against diseases

Cuba guarantees labor rights against diseases

Havana, Mar 12 (Prensa Latina) Cuba guarantees labor, salary and social security protection to workers affected by diseases, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security reaffirmed on Thursday in a press release.

These rights, included in the Plan for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus, are provided for in the Social Security Law and the Labor Code.

These provisions establish the subsidy payment for a disease of common or professional origin or in case of a common or labor accident that temporarily disables the worker.

During this period, the legislation foresees a daily grant, excluding weekly rest days, which is equivalent to a percentage of the average wage, in accordance with established regulations.

In the cases in which the worker is able to continue performing her/his functions at home, the modalities of remote work or telework can be applied, in which s/he earns 100 percent of her/his salary, recalls the text.

Meanwhile, in case of inability to perform the work for which s/he has been hired, some of the effects of the employment contract are temporarily disrupted, without thereby removing the employment link between the parties.

In these cases, workers receive up to a month the payment of a salary guarantee equivalent to the salary scale of the position they occupy and, if the suspension is maintained, the guarantee is 60 percent.

Once the cessation of the work suspension has been ordered, the employer can grant unpaid leave to workers while they are evacuated, transferred to another home or require to remain in their home for their protection.

This guarantee extends to the mother or father who must take care of the minor who has been suspended from school or kindergarten, in the absence of another family member who can replace her/him.


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