Cuba GMs Lead Chess Tournament in Mexico

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 19 (acn) Cubans Lazaro Bruzon and Isam Ortiz started as expected and lead the Carlos Torre chess tournament, which third and fourth rounds will take place today in Merida, Mexico.

Bruzon is the best-ranked player of the contest and favorite for the scepter, purpose for which he already took the first steps by defeating the host Roberto Carlos Arriaga and fellow Cuban Orlen Ruiz.

Isam, national champion, appears second by tiebreaker and also won uncomplicatedly over Mexican Alan Navarrete and Cuban Luis Manuel Perez.

The large group of 19 players totaling two points also includes the Cubans Lelys Martínez (7 th seat), Reynaldo Vera (12), Juan Carlos Obregón (13), Jesus Nogueiras (14) and Juan Borges (17), among others.

A total of 110 players attend this time to one of the oldest chess contests of the Americas, which besides the main group, also organizes tournaments by age in which there will also be presence of Cubans.

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