Cuba Featured in Shark Week

Given that it is summer, that means only one thing for fans of this annual, 0ne-week television spectacle-Shark Week. Millions of people tune in to see TV’S “longest running must see summer event” and this year, Discovery Channel adds one more location on its expedition map-Cuba!

Shark Week officially began yesterday on its host channel-Discovery Channel- and once again fails to disappoint. But what is different about it this year? One of the newly featured entrants to the scheduled programming includes Tiburones: Sharks of Cuba, set to premiere on Tuesday at 10 ET.

Given Cuba’s history of seclusion and its heavy entrance restrictions, conservationists have been able to preserve its surrounding ecosystem to unbelievable measures, providing explorers a plethora of opportunity to discover and study marine life like never before. Its 50 years of isolation have proved to be beneficial in avoiding the negative impacts of post-industrialization seen almost everywhere in the world, specifically in ecosystems. The Caribbean is distinguished as being home to sharks, and Cuba being at the heart of that offers a richness in exploration. Environmental filmmaker, Ian Shive, embarked to the island to film the hour-long TV special remarking, “The oceans surrounding Cuba are like time capsules. You can go back and look at the Caribbean as it was 50 years ago.”

The multinational team of American and Cuban scientists featured in the special will be legendary considering the technology they used to shark tag in the surrounding ocean is the first that Cuba has seen. Discovery reports that this collaboration is the first of its kind making Shark Week the catalyst for creating history!

Shive reports that timing was a funny thing on his journey to working in Cuba. The project was making its way and slowly seaming itself together when President Obama took actions and eased restrictions with the neighboring country by making policy changes. Tiburones: Sharks of Cuba will feature a segment on one of the largest great whites ever captured back in the 1940s, “El Monstruo,” and an interview with one of the witnesses.

It also includes the troublesome journey that the team had in tagging the sharks of the rarely entered waters. The scientists and shark experts elicit the help of shark whisperer and master diver, Noel Lopez Fernandez, in efforts to ease the sharks and make them more comfortable instead of using what seem to the public as sometimes harsh and inhuman tactics.

Set your TV’s to record this spectacular special, because we surely cannot wait to see what this adventure has in store!

VENUE magazine, July 6, 2015

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