Cuba expresses solidarity with Venezuela and Nicaragua at UN

United Nations, Sep 22 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel expressed on Tuesday at the UN the solidarity of his country with nations such as Venezuela and Nicaragua, given the actions that seek to destabilize their constitutional order and their achievements.

‘The plans to impose neocolonial domination on Our Americas, publicly stating the validity of the Monroe Doctrine, contravene the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace,’ Diaz-Canel noted on a video presented at the high-level debate of the General Assembly in its 75th session.

‘We want to ratify in this virtual scenario that Venezuela will always count on Cuba’s solidarity in the face of attempts to destabilize and subvert the constitutional order, the civic-military union and destroy the work started by Hugo Chavez and continued by President Nicolas Maduro in favor of the Venezuelan people,’ the president stressed.

Likewise, Cuba’s head of State rejected the US actions aimed at destabilizing Nicaragua, and reiterated his solidarity with the people of that nation and President Daniel Ortega.

‘We also sympathize with the Caribbean nations that demand fair reparations for the horrors of slavery and slave trafficking, in a world in which racial discrimination and the repression of Afro-descendant communities is increasing,’ the leader pointed out.

Likewise, Diaz-Canel reaffirmed Cuba’s historic commitment to self-determination and the independence of the people of Puerto Rico. ‘We support Argentina’s legitimate claim to sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia,’ added the president, and also reiterated the commitment to peace in Colombia.

With regard to Syria, he noted that Cuba supports the search for a peaceful and negotiated solution to the situation imposed on that nation, without external interference and with full respect for its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In the same way, Diaz-Canel added, ‘we reject Israel’s attempts to annex new territories in the West Bank.’


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