Cuba exposes US agents in the European Parliament

Brussels, Feb 18 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has today smoked out US agents before the European Parliament and their aims at trying to overthrowing Cuba’s constitutional government, while reaffirming Havana’s commitment to respect human rights.

The Cuban diplomat Heidy Villuendas set the Cuban stance by intervening in an event organized by the EU Subcommittee for Human Rights, to which Cuba-born counterrevolutionaries were invited to attend.

‘The European Parliament should have a broader vision, listen to other voices and take into account the views of the real Cuban civil society, the one living in Cuba and working every day to build a better society,’ Villuendas said.

As stated by Villuendas, inviting the same people and organizations that have an aggressive position against Cuba, shows very little plurality.

The diplomat of the Cuban embassy to Belgium recalled that in the Cuban elections, not a single representative of the counterrevolutionary groups was elected at the grassroots level, in a process that takes place in the neighborhoods and with the neighborhood vote.

It would be very interesting for these people to explain how it is possible for human rights defenders and representatives of the interests of a people to be proclaimed when they support, and even demand, the resurgence of the genocidal economic blockade imposed by the United States, she said.


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