Cuba Expects Sustained Grows of Cruise Tourism

Havana, Jun 12 (Prensa Latina) The development of cruise travel should increase in a sustainable way, judging by data officially published today.

The Granma newspaper of this country, adds in its Tuesday’s report that such a tourism modality shows a sustained growth on the island.

In this regard, it only reviews elements of the Havana port, where 328 passengers arrived in 2017 through this route, and by the end of this year, the figure is expected to reach 500 000.

This trend reaffirms the confidence and recognition of the Cuban tourist industry and the security of the Island, which accounted for two million international visitors so far in 2018.

That figure was reported until May 18, despite the impact of Hurricane Irma, the strengthening of the blockade by the US government, and media campaigns aimed at hindering travel by US citizens, the newspaper insists.

Other ports exhibit favorable conditions for the development of cruise tourism, such as Cienfuegos, target of thousands of visitors, who travel it, and also move to El Nicho, the Botanical Garden and mountain hiking areas.

The investment program includes increasing the current two terminals to six by 2024.

The terms of the concession include the creation of a joint Cuban-Turkish company for the joint administration of that port facility, the most important on the island, and its commercialization for 15 years term.

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