Cuba, Example of Social Struggles Worldwide, Chad Student Says

Havana, Aug 21 (Prensa Latina) Supporting Cuba means today defending the hope a society can achieve with equal rights for all, Chad medical student Hassan Moussa Mahamat said.

Mahamat, who is attending the 10th International Student Solidarity with Cuba Brigade, told Prensa Latina that the Caribbean nation is an example of camaraderie and support to other countries that need it, without any hidden interests, even with their economic difficulties.

He emphasized that the government and people of the Caribbean island send human resources such as doctors, nurses, teachers (…) and medicines to those in need, ‘and that is not the case for all countries, even the wealthiest ones.’

Cuba provides thousands of young people, like him, the possibility of studying for free a university degree, which in their nations would be impossible to access due to the humble origins of their families and the high cost of studies.

He also thanked that this island opened its doors to him six years ago to know that it is ‘a beautiful country, full of possibilities for all’, something that the United States and its allies in their war against the Cuban Revolution try to distort with false realities, he stressed.

‘Chad has always supported at UN the Cuban resolution against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed and intensified by the Washington administration, and supports the Cubans’ claim for the return of the territory illegally occupied with the U.S naval base in Guantanamo province,’ he said.

Since August 16, the members of the international student brigade have led a program of activities that includes volunteer work in agriculture, exchanges with their peers on the island, as well as cultural galas with the art of their nations.

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