Cuba endorses the work of the UN and WHO against Covid-19

Cuba endorses the work of the UN and WHO against Covid-19

Havana, Apr 16 (Prensa Latina) Cuba today held its position in support of the role and leadership of the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO), in the face of the health emergency caused by Covid-19 .

In a statement from the island’s Ministry of Foreign Relations, the efforts made by these international organizations were described as essential, and it was criticized that the United States Government attacked multilateralism at times that require solidarity.

The North American nation recently announced the withdrawal of financial support to the WHO, an attitude that has generated rejection from the world community, says the declaration.

It is unacceptable, the Caribbean Foreign Ministry points out, that each year some 618.7 billion US dollars are used globally in advertising alone, along with one trillion eight billion US dollars in military spending and weapons.

All this is totally useless to combat the threat of the new coronavirus, which has already caused tens of thousands of deaths, adds the text.

Only the politically biased global effort to develop and share research, and share experiences in prevention and protection, will help shorten the duration of this disease and reduce loss of life, the statement emphasizes.

The current crisis forces cooperation, even recognizing political differences, adds the message, since the virus does not respect borders or ideologies, and ‘no country should assume that it is big, rich or powerful enough to defend itself.’

Coordinating the production and distribution of medical equipment, protection means and medicines, with a sense of justice, is the Cuban proposal, an approach with which the island works in cooperation with the WHO.

It is the humble contribution of a small nation, ‘with scarce natural wealth and subjected to a long and brutal economic blockade’, says the text, which has been generously recognized by the international entity and other countries.

‘Viral expansion will eventually stop, faster and with less cost, if we act together’, hence it is encouraged to join wills to overcome this moment and the great problems and threats that will come later.

The end of the pandemic will not lead to a fairer, safer and more decent world, if the international community does not rush to reconcile and make decisions from now on, he adds. It is still time to act, the statement concludes.

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