Cuba: Economists Forum Proposes Integration without Neoliberalism

Havana, Sep 14 (Prensa Latina) Economists of Latin America and the Caribbean considered the region must go forward with an economic development project that provides social equity and economic integration, excluding neoliberal policies.

Over 230 economists of 10 countries and a group of international organizations emphasized this at the forum ‘The Challenges of Latin America before the new International Environment’, which ended Thursday in this capital.

After a three-day meeting described by experts of strictly technical, politically committed and humanly solidarious, the forum rose its voice in defense of economic regional development with social equity, economic integration and rejection of neoliberal policies.

According to the report, in charge of the President of the Academic Committee of the meeting, Esther Aguilera, attendants said the United States has been able to cope with its high fiscal deficit, covered by the global use of the dollar and the import of capital from the South.

They denounced the policies applied by the president of that country, Donald Trump, which has worsened the crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean.

When examining monetary issues, participants verified the incapacity that prevailed at global scale to prevent the risks that led to economic crises, like that in Mexico, 1995, Asia (1997), Russia (1998), Brazil (1999) and that of Turkey in 2001.

They stressed it is vital to attract foreign investment to the region, as also design public policies and control of the flows of capital that enter and exit the area.

The meeting’s report said that today there is serious doubt of the adequacy of regulation policies to cover the risk of liquidity.

Among the issues highlighted in the final session was the master lecture delivered by the Prize of Economy of the Republic of Cuba, Osvaldo Martinez and another on Economic and Political Situation of Brazil, by the president of the Federal Council of Economists of that country, Wellington L. da Silva.

The first Cuban deputy minister of Economy and Planning, Rene Fernandez, said in the closing speech that in this forum were collected good practices that can be socialized, as well as ingenious proposals for sustainable development.

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