Cuba Develops New Natural Health Products

Havana, 27 Jun (Prensa Latina) The National Center of Scientific Research (CNIC) OF Cuba will continue prioritizing the development of new products for the treatment of different illnesses, affirmed its Director General, Blanca Rosa Hung.

‘At this momento, the CNIC has several follow-up projects in natural products for the treatment of hyperlipidemia and benign hyperplasia of the prostate gland in men, said doctor Hung to Prensa Latina during the 16th International Scientific Congress which organized that scientific entity.

The executive affirmed at the Havana Convention Center, venue of the event, that there is an investment to develop a technology for the production of soft capsules, which does not exist in the country and that will be introduced in CNIC facilities.

This technology explained the researcher, will allow the country to have a new product for the treatment of benign hiperplasia of the prostate and the symptoms in the lower urinary tract, the Palmex, presently in the stage of escalated production.

Another pharmaceutical in development is a vaccine candidate against cholera, whose clinical essays have been successful until now, she added.

‘In a few years we will have a vaccine that goes to the registry level, with all the requirements it imposes’, indicated Hung.

On the projections of the institution she leads, Hung said they are the same they maintain since the decade of 1990 after the creation of the Western Scientific Pole in Havana and it so happens that science has to become a very important factor from the economic contribution to the country point of view.

She added that until then ‘science had an introduction in social practice, but the economic contribution was not a priority’.

She explained that enterprises work in a closed cycle, from investigation, production, to marketing all the products. In that sense, she referred to the introduction of new products at a national scale, above all in the health sector and sales (abroad) constitute a source of economic resources they obtain, starting a double mission.

The General Director of CNIC, said the institution held an international congress at the Convention Center to promote the main achievements of universities and other Cuban research centers that served also as a space for interaction with the participation of some 250 specialists from 30 countries.

The forum concluded on Friday was attended by some 300 researchers from over 60 national scientific institutions.


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