Cuba describes campaign against medical collaboration as genocidal

Brasil: Cuba califica de genocida campaña contra colaboración médica

Brasilia, Feb 17 (Prensa Latina) Cuba describes on Monday the campaign against the medical collaboration offered in the world as genocidal, under a principle of solidarity based on the legacy of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti that Homeland is humanity.

Rolando Gomez, charge d’affairs at the Cuban Embassy in Brazil, expressed this statement to TV Comunitaria. He said that the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, ‘turn this Marti’s principle into the heritage of our people.’

During the interview, he stated, ‘Fidel instilled that philosophical, humanistic, solidarity concept since the beginning of the revolutionary process in Cuba in January 1959.’

Gomez spoke on how Cuba almost ran out of doctors at the beginning of the Revolution (1960s), because most left the island. However, ‘to face a call and an urgent need of the people of Algeria, the Caribbean nation sent a medical brigade and all its services.’

In this way, the issue of health and its human nature appeared for the benefit of the changes the Revolution proposed, the diplomat stated.

Gomez denounced that the campaign against the medical collaboration ‘has its origin in the tightening of the US blockade and the escalation of aggressions against Cuba.’

Washington has been pressing governments to restrict the Cuban collaboration, present in 65 countries, despite that its peoples recognize the quality of the Cuban professionals, he said.


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