Cuba Denounces US Economic Blockade at WTO

Geneva, Dec 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuba denounced today at the World Trade Organization (WTO) that the blockade of the United States prevails almost unchanged, which remains the main obstacle to the development of Cuba.

The denunciation was made by Alina Revilla, Cuba’s Chargé d’affaire at the UN in Geneva and the international organizations headquartered in Switzerland, who participates in the 13th assessment of US trade policy at the WTO.

Two years after Cuba and the United States ‘decided to re-establish their diplomatic relations and begin a process of normalization of their trade and financial ties, there are no substantial changes in the implementation of the blockade towards the country,’ Revilla.

Revilla acknowledged ‘the progress made in the diplomatic field and cooperation between the two countries,’ despite the fact that the economic, commercial and financial blockade prevails.

Revilla said that in March 2016 measures were announced such as allowing, for the first time since the blockade is in force, the use of the US dollar by Cuban citizens and financial institutions for some operations.

However, she said, this has not been implemented as the blockade continues, as well as the hounding of Cuban monetary assets abroad.


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