Cuba denounces US breaches of host country obligations

United Nations, Jun 6 (Prensa Latina) The United States continues breaching its obligations as the UN host country, while keeping a complicit silence after the terrorist attack on the Cuban Embassy in Washington.

Ana Silvia Rodriguez, Cuba’s deputy permanent representative at the UN, warned and reiterated the strongly rejection of the US behavior, which must guarantee the security of diplomatic missions on its territory.

She referred to the repeated breaches by the United States of its obligations under the UN agreement.

In addition, she recalled, on April 30, a serious terrorist attack was perpetrated by a Cuban-born US citizen on the Cuban Embassy with the purpose of killing anyone inside, according to attacker’s statements.

This attack is a direct result of Washington’s aggressive and hateful policies and discourse against Cuba, and also the permanent pressure of violence by US politicians and anti-Cuba extremist groups that have turned this sort of aggression into a livelihood, Rodriguez stressed.

One month after the terrorist attack, the US Government remains conspiratorially silent on this incident, being unable to issue any public statement, Ana Silvia Rodriguez said.

Such a behavior by the US, she added, could trigger the perpetration of violent terrorist actions, not only on Cuba, but also on diplomatic missions from other nations, both in Washington and other cities, she warned.

Likewise, she recalled the ‘long and bloody history of terrorism’ on Cuban diplomatic missions in the US and on Cuban officials as well.

The diplomat regretted that similar acts to those committed against Cuba’s missions in Washington and New York were repeated, when the complicit silent of the United States Government was interpreted as an impunity symptom, she stressed.


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