Cuba Denounces Trump´s Bans Damaging Companies and Tourists

Havana, June 7 (Prensa Latina) Cuban government has denounced on Friday that US government decision to ban cruise travelings damages thousands of people who used that route to travel to Cuba.

The measure of Donald Trump’s administration also harms ‘important companies forced to call off visits already scheduled and contracts signed’, Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Minister, Rodrigo Malmierca tweeted.

Precisely, the Norwegian Cruise firm predicted on Friday that the ban will cause a fall of up to eight percent of its earnings per share in 2019.

‘It seems that the US government fears relations among persons and peoples. It is afraid of exchanging and traveling. It is scared of his citizens know the truth about Cuba, Malmierca stressed.

On Monday, the US government banned tourist trips and cruises to this nation, a measure condemned by Havana´s authorities.

Such prohibition is part of a package of measures against Cuba, which also prevents people to people contact’s cultural and educational trips. It impacts on transport services, remittances, banking, business of commerce, among others.

Two days ago Malmierca condemned that ‘US economic war against Cuba has been lasting almost 60 years, has caused losses to the country worth over 134 billion dollars at current prices.


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