Cuba Denounces New Hostile Action by the US

Havana, Oct 25 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has denounced a new action by the US Government to try to undermine the international support Cuba has in its demand to put an end to Washington’s economic, financial and commercial blockade.

Rodriguez announced to foreign and national media in Havana the US Mission at the UN distributed a document with amendments to the the draft resolution Cuba will submit to the General Assembly next October 31.

According to the chief diplomat, such amendments on human rights issues and the 2030 Goals for Sustainable Development are absurd and its promoters show profound ignorance.

However, he stressed the most relevant hostility is not their content but a second document distributed with the intent to pressure other UN state members to change their support to the anti-blockade draft resolution, which has received overwhelming backing at the General Assembly since 1992.

Rodriguez said the documents admit the draft resolution is a condemnation to the impact the blockade has on the Cuban people. This is a hypocritical act because it is the US Government itself that is hurting the island, its own citizens and third countries.

The documents also say the US is friendly to the Cuban people and their right to determine a democratic future, the FM said, adding it is regrettable Washington speaks of solidarity with the nation it blockades.

Rodriguez stressed the US amendments to force changes in the human rights situation in Cuba are just unacceptable.

On this particular issue, he insisted the blockade itself is a massive violation of human rights and is considered an act of genocide by international law.

He further outlined a series of violations of the rights of blacks, women, children and migrants in the US many of whom are deprived of the rights to proper feeding, health, while Washington spurs wars in the world.

Rodriguez warned that from the US administration an ever intensifying hostile language and actions are being used against Cuba while maintaining commitment with minority sectors of the Cuban ultra-right wing and anti-Cuban mafia in Miami, Florida.

The distribution on Tuesday of the documents is one more action to manipulate the international public opinion, he denounced.

Nonetheless, he asserted Cuba is willing to talk with the US Government on any subject, including human rights, but based on equality and respect to sovereignty.

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