Cuba denounces in Spain U.S. offensive against Latin America

Malaga,Spain, Dec 14 (Prensa Latina) Cuba denounced here this Saturday the U.S. interventionist offensive in Latin America and called in favor of unity of the world progressive forces to articulate actions in order to confront the imperialist onslaught on the continent.

In these terms, Iliana Hernandez spoke on behalf of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) at the Sixth Congress of the Party of the European Left (PEL), which is meeting this Saturday in Benalmadena (Malaga), southern region of Andalusia.

The PCC representative took advantage of the forum, attended by some 400 members of the PEL, to denounce the incessant escalation of sanctions and economic and financial measures that the administration of Donald Trump imposes on Cuba.

In addition, Hernandez referred to the lies the U.S. is trying to instill about Cuban medical collaboration and the full application of the Helms-Burton extraterritorial law against Cuba.

Approved in 1996, this legislation, branded by numerous experts as a legal aberration, codifies the tight economic, financial and commercial blockade that Washington has maintained against Havana for almost six decades.

The PEL Congress takes place in a context in which the left in Europe is proposing a political re-launch, based on an alternative program for the region that relies on socio-ecological transformation, universal equality and international solidarity.

The meeting, which concludes tomorrow, seeks to provide answers to the deep systemic economic, social and institutional debacle of the European Union, which resulted in a ‘political crisis, a crisis of confidence in democracy and a crisis of project and perspective’.

The PEL is committed to the ‘democratization of Europe, protecting our peoples and nations against all authoritarianism’, and to the fight for peace and internationalist solidarity, said Izquierda Unida, host of the triennial meeting together with the Communist Party of Spain.

The delegates debated a political document entitled ‘Overcoming capitalism in order to build a Europe of peoples’, with which they proposed a political re-launch based on an alternative programme for Europe


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