Cuba Denounces Human Rights Manipulation and Use of Agents

Geneva, May 16 (Prensa Latina) Cuba denounced here, in the context of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) today, the manipulation of human rights and the use of agents at the service of foreign powers as instruments of attack in that field.

The general director for Multilateral Affairs and International Law at Cuba’s Foreign Ministry, Rodolfo Reyes, condemned that organizations such as Freedom House and UN Watch carry out dirty maneuvers and violate the principle of cooperation in human rights with ideas that are alien to it.

According to the Cuban officials, these agencies have a well-known history against the noblest causes, and are linked to the intelligence services of the United States and Israel.

In addition, Reyes described as a bad joke to present recruited agents as human rights advocates, a recurrent procedure to try to discredit Cuba.

The diplomat stressed that there are no political prisoners in Cuba, another message that is used against the island nation, which today submitted its third UPR, which showed the achievements made in human rights over the past five years.

There are no political prisoners, the people who are serving time were tried by competent courts on charges typified by the legislation in force and after several procedures, Reyes noted.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez submitted the UPR and expressed Cuba’s will to listen to criteria and opinions from the international community on the basis of cooperation and non-manipulation and selectivity of the issue.

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