Cuba Denounces at UN Misuse of Universal Jurisdiction

United Nations, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has denounced today at UN the handling of the principle of universal jurisdiction by some countries determined to impose their hegemony to the nations of the South.

‘We reiterate the concerns about the misuse of this principle in the unilateral, selective and politically motivated exercise of jurisdiction at the courts of developed countries against individuals and legal entities, of developing countries, not emanating from a standard or international treaty,’ diplomat Tanieris Dieguez said.

During her speech at the General Assembly’s Sixth Committee, dealing with legal issues, the diplomat condemned the promulgation, at national level, of laws based on political reasons and aimed against other States, ‘which has harmful effects in the international relationships.’

According to Dieguez, the scope and application of the universal jurisdiction should be discussed by all State members of the organization within the framework of the General Assembly. The main objective is to avoid seeking this principle when it does not tally with.

Therefore, the work of the Assembly regarding this matter should aim at establishing a regulation or international guidelines to prevent its misuse, and safeguard international peace and security, she said.

The diplomat stressed on the importance that when the universal jurisdiction by national courts are applying, the strictly sovereign equality, political independence and non-interference in internal affairs, principles enshrined in the UN Charter, are respected.

‘The universal jurisdiction cannot be used to disparage the integrity and values of the different legal systems; its exceptional and residuary nature derives from it,’ she said at the Sixth Committee.

Dieguez reaffirmed here the island’s stance that the application should be limited to exceptional circumstances where there is no other recourse, to avoid impunity.

Cuba has supported the development of an international standard or guidelines that clearly state that under what conditions and within what limits, the principle of universal jurisdiction can be invoked, and the crimes to which the principle would be applied, she said.


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