Cuba Defends Respectful Use of Communication, Foreign Minister Says

Havana, June 27 (Prensa Latina) Cuba defends the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as tools to foster peace and human well-being, said Thursday Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

In a message on Twitter, Rodriguez stated that ICTs should be used in full respect to the United Nations Charter and International Law.

Cuba defends the use of ICTs as tools to foster peace, human well-being, development, knowledge, social inclusion and economic growth. They should be used with strict respect for the UN Charter and International Law, he wrote in his account @brunorguezp.

In another message, he stated that the use of outer space for peaceful purposes, in conditions of equality and without discrimination, is a right of all States.

‘Its militarization is a serious threat to the future of human kind. Let’s preserve it as a common patrimony of humanity,’ the Cuban FM stressed.

The 6th International Festival of Social Communication concludes in Havana this Thursday. The debates included the need to turn this professional field into a tool to confront ‘fake news’ against the Cuban revolutionary process.

Seven specialists in Social Communication from Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Ecuador and the host country also participated in the event, opened last Tuesday at the Havana Convention Center.


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