Cuba defends its economy prioritizing the welfare of its people

Havana,  (Prensa Latina) Incomprehension caused by the hostile campaigns of foreign enemies and some natives, force Cuba to defend itself against false rumors that its economy is becoming dollarized and all its domestic trade will be in freely convertible currency (MLC).

Nothing could be further from the truth, as Deputy Prime Minister Alejandro Gil explained on Thursday, it is false that when the monetary unification occurs, all stores will be selling in MLC, so he called on the population not to be confused.

With the monetary overhaul, the current market in CUC will be changed to Cuban pesos and prices will be maintained in the same environment as the current ones, because it is a matter of social justice and equity without applying shock measures against the majority, as it has been and will be within the Cuban social model.

‘The stores in MLC arise from an adverse context of aggressive actions aimed at keeping fuel and dollars out of Cuba. It was one of the steps to protect the population and to guarantee food, hygiene products, medicines, and energy,’ Gil emphasized to make clear the true purpose of a decision that, although not desired, is necessary.

In these days of failed attempts to destabilize the internal life of Cuba and discredit the Revolution once again, attacks, ill-intentioned comments and one or another sabotage of those shopping centers that currently are selling in MLC (food, hygiene items and appliances) to defuse the lack of foreign currency and reorder the economy.

The also Minister of Economy and Planning recalled that such situation was the result of the policies to tighten the US blockade since 2019, the application of Title III of the Helms Burton Act, the financial persecution of banks, measures to prevent the entry of fuel, the suspension of cruises and flights from the United States and the attack on Cuban medical missions.


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