Cuba defends fair causes in Human Rights Council

Cuba defends fair causes in Human Rights Council

Geneva, Switzerland, Jul 18 (Prensa Latina) Cuba defended the sovereignty of peoples and the fight against poverty and climate change at the 44th regular session of the Human Rights Council, a forum held here from June 30 to July 17.

Cuba’s young diplomats denounced in the forum of the UN body of 47 member states the campaigns against their country and Venezuela, carried out by manipulating the human rights issue as a spearhead, and the attempt to legitimize or hide Israel’s crimes in occupied Palestine.

On July 3, Cuba was the target of a media show to discredit its health system and medical cooperation in dozens of countries, a move condemned by Jairo Rodriguez, who framed the maneuver in the recurring lies to try to libel Cuba and accuse the country of human trafficking and other crimes.

‘It is well known where these fake allegations come from, which are welcomed by those accessories after the fact. Cuba is a byword for fighting against human trafficking and maintains a policy of zero tolerance against any modality of this scourge,’ the diplomat warned after the provocation carried out in Geneva by Ariel Ruiz.

Meanwhile, Lisandra Astiasaran repudiated this week a new chapter of the anti-Venezuelan crusade, with the presentation of a brief by the High Commissioner for Human Rights on Venezuela, where the US and its allies intend to impose a regime change.

‘We reject the intentions of some to use this Council and human rights mechanisms to promote unconventional warfare against Venezuela,’ she stressed.


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