Cuba Criticizes US Stance on Diplomats’ Health Incidents

Washington, Sep 14 (Prensa Latina) The United States has a big credibility problem regarding the health incidents reported by its diplomats in Cuba, an official from the Foreign Ministry said here.

Each theory in that regard fails to pass public and scientific scrutiny, said Johana Tablada, deputy director of the United States Department at the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

In statements to reporters at the Cuban Embassy in Washington last night, the diplomat noted that a thorough investigation into what happened is needed.

Before reaching political conclusions and arbitrary retaliatory measures that will lead to a political escalation, there must be evidence, she noted.

We want the US Department of State to stop saying that there were attacks on its diplomats in Cuba and the embassies to work as they should, with all the staff, she stated.

On September 29, 2017, Washington withdrew most of its staff in Havana, and on October 3, it expelled 17 Cuban diplomats from this capital.

According to Tablada, the current situation is bad and must be changed, as happens with Cubans who want to visit their relatives in the United States, who have to travel to a third country to apply for a visa.

The campaign of speculations on this issue, what has been said or done publicly, has not taken place through normal exchange, it paves the way for new rollbacks in relations between the two countries, the Cuban official stressed.

However, she noted, we will continue to work for better bilateral ties, with all mechanisms that exist to cooperate, because we want more contacts.

In response to a question from Prensa Latina, Tablada said that a group of Cuban scientists who held over a dozen meetings in the US Senate and the House of Representatives expressed their willingness to cooperate with their US counterparts.

Manipulations and political opinions must be put aside and we must look at facts with transparency, she underlined.

For his part, the general director of the Neurosciences Center of Cuba, Mitchell Valdes-Sosa, described the meetings with lawmakers and physicians as productive, but he made it clear that ‘we did not receive any new conclusions’.

There has been a big fuss over the past few weeks about attacks with microwaves and many scientists here have said that it is impossible, the expert commented.

We think that there may be a group of individuals who had some kind of illness, we support that, and they should receive treatment, but we do not rule out that psychogenic factors may have influenced, Valdes-Sosa stressed.

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