Cuba: Consultation on Draft Constitution Enters Its Last Week

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Cuba’s national consultation for the new draft constitution, which started on August, entered its last week Monday.

Nov 12 (teleSUR) The national consultation for the new Cuban Draft Constitution entered its last week Monday as millions of Cubans have the opportunity to make proposals to the draft before the consultation process concludes Thursday.

The Draft Constitution for the Republic of Cuba was approved by the National Assembly of the People’s Power in its ordinary session of July 21 and 22, 2018 and the participatory process began on Aug. 13.

More than 110 thousand meetings were held in the country in which more than 7 million people participated. Cubans have put forward some 600,000 suggestions for the new constitution. Around 15 provinces have already reported the closure of the process of consultation of the draft composed of 224 articles.

Cubans living abroad also contributed to the debate through a website created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Draft Constitution represents a reform of the 1976 constitution. However, it will maintain the socialist nature of the state and the leading role of the nation’s Communist party.

Among the reforms, gay marriage will be recognized, the recognition of different forms of property, the expansion of rights, etc. are the most commented upon issues in the new constitution.

According to explanations of members of the parliamentary committee drafting the text, including the secretary of the Council of State, Homero Acosta, and deputy Yumil Rodríguez, all the comments by the population are being considered.

To guarantee the flow of opinions, an information processing team and an analysis group were put in place. The latter had been given the responsibility of sending the drafting committee the proposals that could enrich the constitution. The final version of the constitution will be submitted to a referendum in early 2019.

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