Cuba Condemns US Decision To Close Chinese Consulate In Houston

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez at a press conference in Beijing, China, May 29, 2019

Cuba’s Foreign Minister stated that the United States applies a foreign policy of double standards, political opportunism, and hateful rhetoric against sovereign states.

July 23 (teleSUR) The Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, condemned the unilateral decision taken by the United States Government to close the Chinese Consulate General in the city of Houston, Texas.

Bruno Rodríguez stated Friday on his Twitter account that the U.S. “applies a foreign policy of double standards, political opportunism and hateful rhetoric against sovereign states.”

The U.S. ordered at the beginning of the week the cessation of operations of the Chinese consulate in Houston and gave its officials until Friday to leave the country. The pretext was to ensure the protection of American intellectual property and personal data of U.S. citizens.

China labeled that unilateral and surprising decision as a severe insult to international protocols and treaties and an “unprecedented escalation” of hostilities amid the growing tension that dominates relations between Washington and Beijing. Beijing also warned with a legitimate and proportionate response.

Accordingly, the Chinese Foreign Ministry demanded on July 24 that the U.S. close its Consulate General in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, within 72 hours, in symmetrical retaliation for the action taken on its legation in Houston, Texas.

The document adds that “the responsibility lies entirely with the U.S. side”, which it again calls on to “cancel an erroneous decision and create the necessary conditions to normalize relations” bilaterally.

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