Cuba condemns siege of Mexican embassy in Bolivia

  Cuba condemns siege of Mexican embassy in Bolivia

Dec 26 (Radio Rebelde) Cuba condemned today the harassment perpetrated this week by security and intelligence forces of the pro-coup government of Bolivia against the Mexican embassy and diplomatic residence in that South American country.

Cuban FM Bruno Rodriguez said on Twitter that his country condemns this attack, described as a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

For several days, excessive surveillance has been noted in the vicinity of the diplomatic mission and the official residence, which, according to the Mexican embassy, has been stepped up in recent hours.

Drones were also identified flying over the buildings, recording images and sounds, and Bolivian military personnel tried to check the official vehicle where the Mexican ambassador was traveling.

According to the media, the de facto Bolivian government’s intention is to get asylum seekers already established in the embassy to surrender, and they justify it with unproven arguments of possible runaway and others of similar nature.

In this regard, Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard ratified the firm position attached to international law of granting asylum to nine Bolivian refugees at that diplomatic facility in La Paz, despite the police siege.

The Mexican position is and will remain that diplomatic immunity and integrity of our country’s embassy and representative facilities in Bolivia must be respected,” Ebrard wrote on Twitter.

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