Cuba co-sponsored resolution in favor of solidarity to confront COVID-19

Cuba co-sponsored resolution in favor of solidarity to confront COVID-19

April 8 (Radio Rebelde) The United Nations General Assembly recently approved the Resolution entitled “Global solidarity to fight the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19)”, which was proposed by a group of countries, including Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and co-sponsored by Cuba.

The text, which was adopted by tacit consensus, is a call for unity, solidarity and international cooperation to tackle this pandemic, which has caused considerable loss of life and suffering, reports the Cubaminrex website.

Cuba was among the states that co-sponsored the draft resolution, in line with the humanist and solidarity-based foreign policy that characterizes the Cuban Revolution; which has been evident since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak with the dispatch to different countries of brigades of the International Contingent of doctors specialized in disaster situations and serious “Henry Reeve” epidemics, at the request of their governments.

It is regrettable that some international press agencies, in recent days, have once again tried to tarnish Cuba’s image by spreading the false news that the country had not supported this resolution and had not adhered to the international commitment endorsed in it, continues the text published on the official website of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

In that same false list, Venezuela was also included, which also co-sponsored and supported that resolution.

Cuba has demonstrated its total commitment and solidarity in this difficult situation that the world is going through, not only by selflessly contributing the experience and knowledge of our doctors on the ground, but also by welcoming ships and aircraft in humanitarian situations that have been denied by other countries in our region, which the major international media do not talk about or say very little about.

A great media silence also seeks to hide the effects of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for almost 60 years, which is particularly criminal in the current situation, since it makes it difficult or prevents Cuba from acquiring the medicines, equipment and medical supplies needed to fight the pandemic.

It is also intentionally overlooked that for 28 consecutive years the overwhelming majority of the international community has demanded in the United Nations General Assembly the cessation of this criminal policy, while Washington turns a deaf ear.

Today, more than ever, humanity needs unity, cooperation and solidarity to defeat the pandemic.

That is why the United Nations Secretary-General, other prominent voices and political organizations have demanded the end of economic sanctions against countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, among others, in order to facilitate their access to the resources needed to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

It is time that the United States, for humanitarian reasons and in the name of the freedom and human rights that it claims to defend, listens to this call and puts an end to unilateral sanctions that harm and cause suffering to peoples


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