Cuba Celebrates 59 Years of Revolution and Social Demands

Havana, Jan 1 (Prensa Latina) Millions of Cubans celebrate today the 59th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, which took place on January 1, 1959 and after which began a path of social demands that continues in the present.

For the largest of the Antilles the new year begins with the commitment to perfect its socialist path and with the ratification of its principles in international relations, peace, justice and solidarity.

During 2017, the island saw how the harassment increased from the United States with the arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency of that country, which meant a setback for bilateral relations, after a period of rapprochement.

Another major obstacle in the year was the scourge in September of Hurricane Irma, which traveled much of the northern coast of Cuba with categories of between five and three on the Saffir-Simpson scale (high intensity) and affected 12 of the 15 provinces of the country.

Nevertheless, the Cuban people knew how to grow in the face of adversity and resist, as it has done so many times, the ravages of nature and American hostility.

From the point of view of the economy, the country registered a modest growth of the Gross Domestic Product by 1.6 percent, favored by the dynamics in tourism and the increase in the sectors of transport, communications, agriculture and buildings.

In addition, the vitality of the social services that all Cubans receive free was assured, since having the human being, as the center of attention is one of the main achievements of Cuba since 1959 to date.

Likewise, the growth of life expectancy at birth of the Cuban population continued, which has already reached 78.4 years, according to the Ministry of Public Health.

The achievements of Cuba in the area of education are also well known. In this sector, without a doubt, the priority given to special education, aimed at educating citizens under the principles of equity and equality of possibilities, stands out Cuban Special Education.

Currently the country has about 12 thousand professors, more than 500 masters and 120 PhDs in Pedagogical Sciences that guarantee the quality and progress of a modality that, although costly internationally, does not stop being free.

Such will reflects that, despite the media campaigns against it and the resurgence of the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States, Cuba will not stop betting on the path of social transformations for the benefit of all.

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