Cuba, Bulgaria celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations

Holguin, Cuba, Nov 16 (Prensa Latina) The opening of a photo exhibition in this city paid tribute on Monday to the 60th aniversary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Ambassador Maria Donska highlighted the bond of sisterhood between both nations, which is the essence of the exhibition entitled ‘Visual Assonances’, which reflects the similarities and closeness between Bulgarian and Cuban cultures, symbols, monuments and traditions.

‘The snapshots present the analogies between our heroes, their struggles, works, ideologies; the similarities between the buildings of parliaments; cultural expressions, rites, cathedrals, squares; but, most of all, it captures the peoples, protagonists of the 60-year history in common.’

Donska reflected on the emotional ties of her country with the city of Holguin, where the Pernik Hotel is located, which bears the name of a province of that Balkan country, as well as its bars, restaurants and shops and also hosts this exhibition of 20 photographic works by Bulgarian authors.

Likewise, the diplomat referred to the ‘Heroes del 26 de Julio’ agricultural equipment and devices company, the result of cooperation between the two States, and for its start-up a group of engineers from Holguin studied in Bulgaria.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the ambassador highlighted the interest of entrepreneurs from her homeland in maintaining and establishing commercial ties with Cuba, as well as participating in the development of the Cuban food, agricultural, light, mechanical, mining and tourism industries.


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